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"Running on Empty" launches to hold Obama accountable

June 10, 2011 J

Update from Tim Phillips
This week, from America’s heartland in Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri, AFP Foundation launched our Running on Empty Tour to educate Americans on how executive actions taken by the Obama Administration are driving gasoline prices through the roof. There are steps the Obama Administration can take to lower gas prices and stabilize the market, and we need to encourage them to do so.

Want to send President Obama your bill for the higher gasoline prices? As part of our Running on Empty effort you can by CLICKING HERE!

Radical environmental policies that stop energy production here at home are hurting just about every American. On the road the stories are heart-rending.

Last night in Topeka, an elderly couple told me they saved their entire lives to buy an RV so they could travel during their retirement years. Now, due to almost $4 a gallon gasoline their RV is parked at home because they cannot afford to fill the tank.

After our event in Omaha, a lady named Jennifer told me that her work at a community blood bank is suffering because folks who have long driven an hour or more into Omaha to donate blood can no longer afford the long drives due to high gasoline prices.

CLICK HERE to hear more stories, see our video, and check out Fox News coverage of our Running on Empty Tour.

Already the Left is going nuts. Before our first event was even held President Obama’s campaign went on the attack with a national email and news release: "Americans for Prosperity announced yesterday that they’re launching an expensive national campaign to pin the blame for high gas prices on President Obama. There’s nothing unusual in Washington about this sort of announcement […] it’s a prime example of the kind of special-interest groups that plan to spend hundreds of millions of dollars this election cycle to defeat the President in order to promote their agenda.”

The most radical and best funded environmental group, National Resource Defense Council, also piled on with their venomous attacks.

Trust me on this — we’re going to keep educating the public and delivering this message across our great nation this summer. After all, President Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu actually has said, “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”

Be sure to follow the Running on Empty Tour online and join us if we come to your area.

And remember to join our Running on Empty effort by sending Obama your bill for his higher gasoline prices. CLICK HERE and be one of the first Americans to take action.

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