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Help Stop Obama’s NLRB Attack on Right To Work

September 08, 2011 J

CLIK HERE TO TAKE ACTION The NLRB is trying to shut down Boeing’s new plant in South Carolina, because they don’t like that South Carolina is a Right To Work state. This dispute serves as a prime example of the kind of regulatory overreach that is costing America jobs. Instead of expanding production at its [...]

Constitutional Conservatives Must Not Support McConnell Cut, Run and Hide Plan

July 15, 2011 J

The Founders drafted a Constitution that insisted on the separation of powers for a reason. They were inherently distrustful of unified power. That’s why we have both federal and state governments. It’s also why we have a Legislature vested with the power to make laws and an Executive to implement them. This week, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell threatened that structure. He wants to allow President Obama to raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants, unless two-thirds of Congress objects. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress “the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States,” not the President.

The voters did not send a single conservative to Washington D.C. in the 2010 Midterm Election so they could surrender more of Congress’s Constitutional power to enable the President to continue to borrow and spend to his heart’s desire.

The War on American Energy Production

July 14, 2011 J

In their latest efforts to undercut energy production in America, Senate Democrats have proposed a plan to repeal oil and natural gas “subsidies” that could raise an estimated $45 billion over 10 years. The President has recently said it is time to repeal the tax breaks for the private jet owners and oil companies as if they are receiving some sort of special treatment. Never mind that many of these “subsidies” like the Foreign Tax Credit and Section 199 Domestic Production Activities Deduction are tax breaks that a broad base of manufacturing companies have the opportunity to use. The Foreign Tax Credit allows companies to avoid being double taxed on the income they may earn overseas while the DPA deduction gives all domestic manufactures a 9% deduction on their income to incentivize greater domestic production. The cards are already stacked against the oil and natural gas industry who can only receive a 6% deduction on their income.

Is Obama Crazy Enough to Hold Up Social Security Checks?

July 14, 2011 J

By Phil Kerpen

Published July 14, 2011 | FoxNews.com

Now Obama, more desperate than ever, is stepping up the absurd doomsday threats – raising the specter not only that he will choose not to make debt payments and precipitate a financial crisis if he doesn’t get his way – but that he will also refuse to allow scheduled Social Security checks to go out on August 3.

Read the rest at FoxNews.com Opinion.

First leg of Running on Empty Tour wraps up in Missouri

June 12, 2011 J

O'Fallon, MO

Kansas City, MO

Americans for Prosperity Foundation wrapped up the first leg of the Running on Empty Tour in Missouri to educate citizens on some of President Obama's disastrous energy policies that have led to higher energy prices. The Running on Empty Tour will hit the road again in Virginia to continue to educate folks about what executive actions the Administration can take to bring down fuel costs and bring stability to the market. Learn more and see a full list of upcoming stops at http://RunningonEmptyTour.com.

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