Press Release: Taxpayer Well Running Dry in Blue Springs

October 29, 2013

Blue Springs, MO – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri will be in Blue Springs, MO today and tomorrow meeting with activists to raise awareness of three ballot initiatives facing citizens in Jackson County; educate voters on how tax increases negatively impact families and businesses; and discuss how Missourians can fight back against high taxes.

Residents within Jackson County are facing three tax increases on the November 5th ballot:

  • Jackson County is seeking to impose a county wide sales      tax increase at the rate of one – half percent for a 20 year period to      develop a medical research institute.
  • The Jackson County Public Water Supply District No. 13      would like to issue waterworks system revenue bonds in the amount of $3      million to cover the costs of constructing, extending, equipping and      improving its waterworks system.
  • The City of Blue Springs is proposing a sales tax of      on-half of one percent (2 of 1%) to fund local parks for the city,      including, but not limited to, the construction of a community recreation      center, and park maintenance.

“Our elected officials continue to draw from the taxpayer well over and over again to pay for their poor planning.  It’s safe to say the taxpayer well is going dry.  Missourians are constantly burdened by paying more on the federal, state, and local level. We want to give families and small businesses the tools and information needed to push back against higher taxes,” Patrick Werner, State Director, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri.

In April of this year, Missourians faced over 280 proposed tax increases in the local municipal elections in almost every county across the state.  These proposed increases came in many forms: sales tax increases, fee increases, property tax increases, bonding measures, use taxes, etc.  Well over 80% of these measures were passed, leaving Missourians with higher taxes and fees and less money in their pockets.

For further information or an interview, please contact Patrick Werner at or 314-780-7687.

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