Dear Santa,

December 24, 2013

St. Charles, MO – Each year, good little boys and girls write hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa Claus hoping the items on their list will arrive under their tree on Christmas Day.  We think the over 55,000 AFP – Missouri members have been pretty good this year, so we decided to drop a note to Santa Claus hoping he will fill our Christmas wish.

Dear Santa,

The taxpayers of Missouri have been very good this year, so here are a few items on our Christmas list:

  • We’d like our legislature and governor to pass comprehensive tax reform and a bill that caps government spending.
  • The US Congress to keep their promises in 2014 and not go back on their word and eliminate spending cuts.
  • We would like to be exempted from ObamaCare.  If you can’t make that happen, perhaps you could use a little magic and have the entire law repealed.
  • We’d like to see a 2014 April municipal election with way less than the 280 proposed tax increases we saw in 2013.
  • A government that lives within its means.
  • We’d like the government to stop doing anything that is in the Yellow Pages.
  • Missouri workers to be able to choose whether or not they want to join a union.
  • We’d like to see moms and dads have more education choices for their children.

Santa, we know you can make these Christmas wishes come true…Oh and if you have a little extra room in your sleigh, a Mizzou win the Sugar Bowl on January 3rd would be fantastic!

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