AFP Reminds Congress: Keep Your Promise to Cut Spending

October 14, 2013
As details of ongoing negotiations over government funding and the debt  ceiling emerge, Americans for Prosperity is again reminding lawmakers of their  previous commitments to rein in wasteful government overspending. AFP has firmly  held the position that spending levels should be held consistent with the Budget  Control Act at $967 billion, and that any increase in the debt ceiling must be  linked with dollar-for-dollar spending cuts.
AFP President Tim Phillips made the following statement:
“As we approach $17 trillion in debt, it’s outrageous that politicians  would consider a debt limit increase without also carefully scrutinizing  wasteful government spending. AFP will continue to urge lawmakers to attach  spending reforms to the debt ceiling discussion that will save taxpayers at  least as much money as the proposed increase in the debt ceiling. Without these  cuts, our budget will never be on a path to balance.”
Yesterday AFP re-released a broad coalition letter to  Congress that calls for using the debt ceiling as an opportunity to scrutinize  spending, and put much needed cuts in place.  That letter can be found here.
AFP also released a list of recommended entitlement reforms that could be  used to offset the debt ceiling increase. AFP has recommended over $1 trillion  in spending cuts. That list is available online here.
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