AFP – MO’s Tax Increase Opposition in The Examiner

November 04, 2013

Blue Springs, MO – Americans for Prosperity Missouri earned media coverage in The Examiner for their opposition to Question 2 on the November 5th ballot which would increase taxes by one half of one percent for local parks and potentially new construction of a recreation center.

This proposal would raise $3 million dollars per year and the anticipated cost of the recreation center would be $35 million.

Check out the excerpt about AFP – Missouri from The Examiner below:

Americans for Prosperity representatives in Missouri oppose the tax. AFP is a national policy group that has a stated mission is to cut taxes and government spending.

Patrick Werner, State Director of AFP in Missouri, said in a news release “Our elected officials continue to draw from the taxpayer well over and over to pay for their poor planning. It’s safe to say the taxpayer well is going dry.”

Werner points out that Missourians, especially those in Jackson County, are constantly being burdened by paying more on the federal, state and local level. “All these tax increases add up and have an impact on people’s pocketbooks individually, but also on the overall health of the economy from a state perspective.”

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