AFP – MO Statement on Debt Limit Deal in the Missouri Torch

October 29, 2013

Maryville, MO – Americans for Prosperity Missouri earned media coverage in the popular Missouri blog, The Missouri Torch regarding our statement on the Debt Limit Deal  

The entire article can be found below:

Jefferson City – In response to last night’s debt limit deal, AFP – Missouri released the following statement:

AFP – MO State Director Patrick Werner said, “AFP has said all along that government spending is out of control and must adhere to the levels previously agreed to in the Budget Control Act. We have also been clear that in order to get a handle on long term government spending any increase in the debt limit must be tried to dollar-for-dollar spending cuts. Thus far, leaders in Washington don’t seem committed to those same common sense solutions that many Missourians think are needed. Instead, Washington seems committed to the failed policies of the past by allowing the government to spend well beyond its means by increasing our borrowing limits, yet again, without offsetting spending cuts.”

AFP activists have been engaged in a years-long fight to curb wasteful spending. In the past several days alone, tens of thousands of activists across the country have contacted their lawmakers to tell them to stop the overspending.

“Washington politicians are being poor stewards of our tax dollars illustrated by the fact that government debt has increased twice as fast as our economy in the last two years,” continued Werner. “Our activists are more engaged than ever in this fight, and we intend ramp up the pressure if this deal goes forward.”

If you want to get involved in the battle against wasteful spending by your elected officials, please visit our Action Center by clicking here.

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