AFP-Missouri’s Patrick Werner Appears on Stay Tuned

May 23, 2013

St. Louis, MO – Americans for Prosperity – Missouri State Director, Patrick Werner recently served as a guest panelist for the PBS Channel 9 political talk show Stay Tuned to discuss Medicaid Expansion.

Werner served as the lone voice in the forest for the American investor/taxpayer while his fellow panelists advocated for increased government overreach in our state’s healthcare system.

To see watch the episode, click here. Start watching at the 1 hour and 3 minutes mark to watch our State Director challenge the big government mindset and stand up for the tired and overburdened taxpayer.

Following his appearance on Stay Tuned, Werner said, “As the state’s leading advocate for fiscal responsibility and prosperity, Americans for Prosperity – Missouri believes that government should not be the first place we look for solutions to our problems. If Medicaid was a positive policy change, they federal government wouldn’t be coercing the states to adopt it.”

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