AFP-Missouri Highlights Inspirational Activist, Levi Burrows

May 24, 2013

St. Louis, MO – Advocates of free markets and limited government feel they cannot rest because each and every day our elected officials take measures to expand the size and scope of government.  These activists take action for the cause of liberty every day.  Next time you feel tired and don’t want to pick up the phone, I want you to think of AFP – Missouri activist, Levi Burrows.

Though his commitment to AFP is not new, we were reintroduced to Levi when we asked our members to contact their elected officials in Jefferson City via email and telephone in support of the HJR17 a constitutional amendment that would cap government spending.

Levi informed us he was sending emails and wished he could do more, but it was difficult to make phone calls because he was serving in the United States Army and stationed in Afghanistan!

It’s not every day we receive an email from an activist in Afghanistan, so we asked Levi why he’s so committed to AFP-Missouri while he’s so far away.  Levi grew up in the small Missouri town of Clinton.  Prior to joining the Army, Levi owned a small business and says, “I loved being in business.  It is the American dream and I was proud to have the chance.”

However after talking with his 8 year old son, Levi didn’t feel like he was doing enough to make a true impact.  He then decided to sell his business to join the Army.  Since joining the Army, he has served proudly in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Levi says, “More than anything, I am proud of my wife of almost 19 years.  She has stood by me through all my decisions and my two amazing children.”  We were so inspired by Levi’s dedication to economic freedom, we asked him to share his story with our activists back home in the Show Me State.

As an organization, AFP – Missouri is so proud to share Levi’s inspirational story.  We thank him for his service to our great nation, his dedication to his family, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his commitment to advancing free market principles.

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