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AFP Opposes Establishment of MN Health Care Exchange

September 27, 2012 J,

ST. PAUL – AFP Minnesota, the nation’s premier economic freedom advocate, today announced continued opposition to the establishment of a state government health care exchange program. Minnesota is slated to receive over $42 million from the federal government for its ongoing construction of an exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

“A state exchange would do nothing to promote quality health care,
reduce costs or provide more responsibility to local government,” said John Cooney, Minnesota State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “A state health care exchange is state-run in name only under the ObamaCare model.”

“Minnesota should refuse to implement President Obama’s health care takeover,” continued Cooney. “A state exchange in the ObamaCare model will only add millions of dollars of cost to state government, will help the federal government implement a system they have no idea how to do on their own and will make our state liable when the program implodes due to the weight of its immense cost, bureaucratic maze and burdensome regulation.”

Minnesota Management and Budget commissioner James Schowalter announced the grant at a meeting of the insurance exchange task force, according to MPR News. This brings the total grant amount to $70 million received from the federal government.

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