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AFP Minnesota Applauds Senate Judiciary Committee

March 12, 2012 J

ST. PAUL – AFP Minnesota, the nation’s premier economic freedom advocate, today applauds the Minnesota Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee for passing the Freedom of Employment Act today with a vote of 7 to 6.

“Americans for Prosperity-Minnesota is pleased that common-sense legislation is being advanced that will provide employees the right to decide whether or not to join a union without fear of losing their job,” said John Cooney, Minnesota State Director of Americans for Prosperity.

“Forced unionization deprives workers of economic freedom and hard-earned income whether or not they want to be in a union, the Freedom of Employment Act will restore the right to retain one’s wage without affecting the unions’ collective bargaining ability,” continued Cooney.

The Freedom of Employment Act may be brought to the Senate floor as early as Thursday. This legislation is critical to giving Minnesotans the freedom to decide whether or not to join a union and whether or not to pay union dues. This legislation will not do away with collective bargaining; it simply allows individuals the freedom to choose whether or not to join and whether or not to pay union dues.

The committee members who supported the Freedom of Employment Act include: Warren Limmer; Scott Newman; Dan Hall; Gretchen Hoffman; Michael Jungbauer; Julianne Ortman; Dave Thompson. The committee members who voted against the Freedom of Employment Act include: Ron Latz; Barb Goodwin; John Harrington; Bill Ingebrigtsen; John Marty; Mary Jo McGuire.

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