Minnesotans Should Be Disappointed In Gas Tax Vote

April 27, 2015

No Need To Raise Taxes When Minnesota Already Has A Surplus

SAINT PAUL, Minn. – Americans for Prosperity Minnesota, the state’s foremost advocate for economic freedom, reacted with disappointment upon news that the Minnesota State Senate passed legislation to raise the gas tax 16.3 cents per gallon.

Deputy State Director Paul Carlson released the following statement:

“Middle-class families all across Minnesota should be disappointed in the Senate’s vote today. Minnesota already has one of the highest tax burdens in the United States, and thanks to Governor Dayton and the State Senate, we’re on track to be taxed even worse. Studies show that gas-taxes hurt middle-class families the most, and at a time when people are finally starting to feel relief at the pump, it’s unconscionable that the legislature would try to take that away.

There’s simply no way to justify raising taxes. Minnesota already has more than a billion dollar tax surplus! Instead, the legislature should be looking for real reforms to bring relief to taxpayers, and middle class families everywhere. We look forward to working with the Minnesota House to be sure this legislation is stopped dead in its tracks.”  

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