Americans For Prosperity Issues Statement on Passage of Senate Omnibus Tax Bill

April 30, 2013

AFP-Minnesota Issues Statement on Passage of Senate Omnibus Tax Bill

Organization Calls on Legislators, Governor to End Reckless Tax and Spending Spree

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Americans for Prosperity-Minnesota State Director John Cooney released the following statement in response to today’s passage of the Senate Omnibus Tax Bill, House File 677:

“This is an unprecedented, all-out assault on the pocketbooks and paychecks of Minnesota families and businesses. This bill is so bad that members had the opportunity to vote against it twice, and we thank those who did. Unfortunately, its eventual passage and vote to raise taxes on Minnesotans of all income levels through a variety of new, higher taxes on goods and services we all use makes clear that legislators in St. Paul would rather grow the government than the economy. Raising nearly two billion in new taxes to cover a six hundred million deficit, as this bill would do, is not the right direction for Minnesota. We applaud those legislators of both parties who voted against this bill and urge legislators and Gov. Dayton to take note and end this reckless tax and spending spree before irreparably extending Minnesota’s hard-working taxpayers beyond their means.”

Despite bipartisan and public criticism in recent days and weeks, the Senate Omnibus Tax Bill eventually passed today with a vote of 35-31 after initially being narrowly defeated but opened again after a successful motion to reconsider. The bill includes $1.8 billion in new taxes in the form of an increased 3rd tier rate, new taxes on clothing, non-prescription drugs, car repair and personal services such as haircuts, and an increase of the cigarette, tobacco and alcohol taxes.

Recent Democratic criticism of the Senate Tax Bill:

“House Majority Leader Erin Murphy suggested that the Senate’s broader increase in income taxes goes too far… ‘I think there probably isn’t a lot of support inside the caucus for what we’re hearing out of the Senate.’”

Politics in Minnesota, Senate Tax Bill Sets Up Showdown, April 24, 2013

“‘This is going to be a hard one for me to support,’ said first-term DFL Sen. Melisa Franzen. Franzen, who represents the swing district of Edina, Minnetonka and Bloomington, worries the bill could harm the state’s business climate.

“Sen. Greg Clausen, DFL-Apple Valley, worries about the income tax portion of the bill.”

MPR News, Senate DFL Tax Plan Worries Some Dems, April 23, 2012

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