“All Tax” Budget Deal Advances

May 13, 2013

As Minnesota families enjoyed the warmer weather, geared up for summer and spent time with family on Mother’s Day this past weekend, legislators in St. Paul and Gov. Dayton met behind closed doors to negotiate a final budget deal that includes devastating taxes that will affect all Minnesota families and small businesses. According to a report from the Star Tribune, DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Democratic legislative leaders yesterday reached an absurd budget agreement that calls for nearly $3 billion in new taxes to resolve a $627 million deficit.

The agreement includes:

  • “Temporary” income tax surcharge
  • Consideration of expanding the sales tax to include business services, such as accounting and legal fees
  • Tobacco tax hike
  • Potential increase in the alcohol tax
  • Proposed salary increase for legislators, the governor and top commissioners
  • Potential $800 million in new bonding
  • Consideration of a gas tax increase

With only days remaining in the legislative session, tell your legislators to oppose this $3 billion tax hike!

The 2013 legislative session is drawing to a close, and lawmakers are gearing up for massive tax increases that will affect all Minnesotans. When asked if the budget agreement will require Minnesota’s middle class to pay more, Gov. Dayton responded, “I can’t say they won’t.”

Under the governor’s direction, legislators are refusing to make the tough decisions required to responsibly balance the budget, instead looking to add billions in new taxes and spending to fuel more government growth. The only spending “cut” included in the agreement is a $50 million reduction to Health and Human Services, which the Star Tribune reported represents “a tiny fraction of the agency’s multibillion-dollar budget.”

Tell your legislators to focus on reducing spending, limiting government growth and growing the economy!

Minnesota families and businesses are struggling to balance their own budgets, and the government should focus on its priorities while delivering an efficient, cost-effective government. Tell your legislators to oppose this all tax budget agreement during House and Senate floor votes before it’s too late.

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