June 25, 2013

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity, the nation’s largest and most effective advocate for economic freedom, today responded to President Obama’s announcement that his Environmental Protection Agency is finalizing carbon dioxide regulations of power plants.  EPA greenhouse gas regulations could imperil as many as 1.4 million jobs, according to a study by the American Council of Capital Formation.   AFP President Tim Phillips explained:

“Using the EPA to drive up electricity prices will have a negative impact on American families, their pocketbooks and their standard of living. The President claims to care about jobs and the economy, but his EPA regulations and resulting higher energy bills will hurt the little guy the most, the senior citizen, the single mom on a fixed income.

“The EPA rules Obama proposes are essentially an end-run around Congress that will cripple the coal industry, hurt blue collar workers and impact small communities across the country. We cannot allow that to happen.

“The American people will reject this effort, just as they rejected schemes like Cap & Trade because they know it leads to higher energy costs, lost jobs, and less freedom.”

Higher energy costs from EPA regulations will be embedded in every product produced and sold or service rendered in the United States.

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