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AFP to Gov. Snyder: Stop Pursuit of Health Care Exchange

July 23, 2012

Americans for Prosperity to Gov. Snyder: Stop Pursuit of Health Care Exchange
Action by executive order would be “trampling” on democratic principles

LANSING, MI – Americans for Prosperity – Michigan, the state’s leading advocate for economic freedom with over 75,000 members in Michigan, today called on Governor Synder to stop pursuing a Michigan health care exchange. In particular, the group urged the Governor not to circumvent the legislature on the issue through an executive order.

“Despite suggesting he would do so, it is imperative Governor Synder does not circumvent the state legislature to implement President Obama’s health care law,” said Scott Hagerstrom, state director of AFP-Michigan. “If the Governor goes around the legislature to get what he wants, it will be trampling on the democratic principles upon which our country was founded.”

Hagerstrom noted that a health care exchange would massively increase the already broken Medicaid program in Michigan, putting future Michigan taxpayers on the hook for potentially billions of dollars.

“We cannot and should not build the infrastructure of President Obama’s health care takeover in Michigan,” Hagerstrom said. “The lack of flexibility, threats to the privacy of patients’ information, and burdensome government regulations will decrease choice and the quality of care Michiganders receive.”

Earlier this month AFP-Michigan sent a 150,000-piece mailing into around 20 house districts in order to place pressure on house lawmakers to reject an exchange. Hagerstrom noted that stopping the creation of a health care exchange is one of the group’s top policy priorities. AFP opposes any attempt by Michigan to create its own exchange and instead urges the state to reject the federal government’s attempt to make important decisions on behalf of Michigan and her citizens.

AFP-Michigan has been active and engaged in the fight for health care freedom. Learn more here.

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