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AFP-MI Thanks Lawmakers for Standing on Principle

LANSING, Mich. – The grassroots group Americans for Prosperity-Michigan thanked Senate lawmakers for their commitment to protecting Michigan taxpayers. Scott Hagerstrom, Michigan state director of the grassroots group, issued the following statement on the heels of a late-night session that concluded without passage of a massive gas tax hike: “Thankfully, the Michigan Senate recognized that […]


Americans for Prosperity-Michigan Announces “Don’t Raise MI Taxes” Tour

April 15, 2013

LANSING, Mich.—Americans for Prosperity-Michigan today announced the launch of its “Don’t Raise MI Taxes” tour, which aims to educate and rally grassroots opposition to various tax-hike proposals being discussed by state lawmakers as a way to boost funding for roads. The tour begins on April 23rd in St. Clair Shores and encompasses a total of 14 stops around the state from Alpena to Clarkston. Visit MichiganAFP.com to view a full schedule of times, dates and locations.

Americans for Prosperity Calls March 28th Enactment of Right-to-Work “Just Another Day” Leading to Real Battle

March 28, 2013 J

In November 2014, Michigan voters will almost definitely be faced with a citizen initiative that would strike statutory right-to-work language. They will also choose their State House, their State Senate, their Governor, and determine who will take Senator Carl Levin’s open seat. “Michigan will make the skirmishes over collective bargaining in Ohio and Wisconsin look like warm-up acts for the main feature,” Hagerstrom concluded.

AFP Applauds Michigan Senate for Refusing to “Partner” with Feds on Washington Health Care Takeover

March 21, 2013 J,

“Through his health care law President Obama has robbed patients, businesses, and taxpayers of their economic freedom—our legislators just refused to drive the get-away car,” said Scott Hagerstrom, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Michigan. “This is a resounding victory for anyone who opposes the Washington health care takeover, and a true testament to the power of grassroots activism.”