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Medicaid expansion on the move

April 24, 2013 J,

The Senate Appropriations Committee may soon decide whether to include the Medicaid expansion in the Senate’s budget. Meanwhile, Governor Snyder continues to push for expanding Medicaid to 133% of the poverty level as allowed, but NOT REQUIRED, under President Obama’s health care takeover.


Please take action now to add your voice to this debate. Expanding Medicaid poses a serious risk to the long-term fiscal future of our state, costing Michigan taxpayers $1.3 billion within the next 10 years.

Medicaid has:

  • Failed patients, delivering substandard health outcomes;
  • Failed physicians, providing low payments for services; and,
  • Failed taxpayers by delivering little value for their dollar.

Dumping another 400,000 people into this failed system is not the right approach for Michigan.


Our state lawmakers must also be cautious of so-called reforms that don’t make meaningful changes to how Michigan is allowed to implement Medicaid.

Rather than giving states the flexibility to implement this program in a common sense and compassionate way, the Administration has tried to trick state lawmakers into accepting its one-size-fits-all approach.

That’s why HHS Secretary Sebelius has been unwilling to consider block granting Medicaid. Further, Sebelius rejected a waiver request from California to implement Medicaid copays, which ranged from $3 for preferred drug prescriptions to $5 for doctor visits. She also rejected Illinois’ plan to require proof of residency and income verification as a mechanism for cutting down on Medicaid fraud.

Michigan lawmakers should stand strong and oppose expanding Medicaid.


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