Policy Statement: Road Funding

September 03, 2015J,

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan agrees that many of our roads and bridges are in need of repair. Road repair, maintenance and construction are core functions of government and additional revenue dollars ought to be dedicated to this top budget priority.

An excise tax on gasoline, which operates much like a “user fee,” is the best revenue mechanism to do this. However, raising gas or other taxes without serious spending reform and long-term tax relief for Michigan families will harm our economy even as it continues to recover from a lost decade of economic growth.

Open Letter to Michigan Senate

July 01, 2015J

I am writing in opposition to the gas tax hike contained in the S-1 substitutes adopted by the Senate for HB 4615 and HB 4616. These bills represent a huge tax hike that Michigan families can ill afford. The income tax rate reduction triggers contained in the S-1 substitute for SB 414 are commendable; however, tying a definite, immediate gas tax hike to a potential, future reduction in the income tax rate doesn’t pass muster as a meaningful offset of the new tax revenue generated by this package of bills.

Citizen Activist Day at the Capitol

November 10, 2014J

AFP experts will provide training and talking points that will equip you to interact with your policymakers on this and other issues. A complimentary breakfast and lunch will be served for all who come out to lobby their lawmakers.