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‘To Tax’ or ‘To Tax’: Lawmakers Provide False Choice

February 04, 2013 J

If roads are a priority in order to save lives and money as stated by Governor Snyder, then let's make them one. But let's do so without taking away more money from the private sector, which is struggling with chronically high unemployment and decreased wages and home values.

Workplace Freedom Action Center

December 04, 2012 J

Ever wonder how you can affect policy? Follow the steps below… Don’t be a bystander and assume someone else is doing the work. Take action! Be heard!  Email your lawmakers. Support Worker Freedom Click to send a message to your lawmaker that you support giving workers the freedom to choose whether or not to belong to [...]

Health Care Exchange Action Center

November 29, 2012 J

What are health care exchanges? The Exchanges created under the President’s new health care law (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010) are far from simple, innovative, or transparent.  They also aren’t likely to drive down costs because they don’t encourage competition. Instead, these Exchanges heap layers of onerous rules, restrictions, and mandates on states and [...]

Stand Firm Against ObamaCare Exchanges

November 15, 2012 J

Health care exchanges were created by the president’s flawed health care law and serve to pile thousands of pages of rules and regulations while transferring control to health care bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. These bloated bureaucracies drive up the cost of insurance on hardworking families and raise taxes on businesses. CLICK HERE to send a [...]

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