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Common Core Standards, Top-Down Failure… Again

March 05, 2013 J

Education is too important for society and prosperity to be controlled by those furthest from the students. Lindsey Burke of The Heritage Foundation sums it up best when she says that, "Adopting Common Core national standards and tests surrenders control of the content taught in local schools to distant national organizations and bureaucrats in Washington. It is the antithesis of reform that would put control of education in the hands of those closest to the student: local school leaders and parents.”

Lansing Lawmakers Discuss Three New Road Funding Options, Tax Increases

March 04, 2013 J

Raising taxes is never popular. But apparently raising the gas tax and making Michigan's gas tax the highest in the country didn't sit well with Michigan drivers. Lansing lawmakers have altered their proposed solutions, but don't get too excited. They still want to increase taxes instead of prioritizing spending.

Michigan’s Energy Future, Public Forums

February 27, 2013 J

How Michigan proceeds with our energy market will have a significant impact on our state economy, families, and the state budget. The question is: Will Governor Snyder and lawmakers in Lansing decide to pursue a more market oriented approach or will they continue with the current restricted policy?

A Hidden Tax on Seniors

February 15, 2013 J

Again and again, President Obama supports Medicare reform plans to consolidate power in the hands of bureaucrats removing choice and competition. This latest proposal embodies the President’s preferred outcome with dastardly results for seniors—a 40% increase in the price of insurance.

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