Monday: Sen. Patrick Colbeck’s patient-centered alternative

August 08, 2013

Join us at the State Capitol to learn more about a free market alternative to Medicaid expansion presented by Senator Patrick Colbeck. Click here to view the flier.

Monday, August 12th

1:00 PM

State Capitol Building

Room 402/403

Seminar Agenda:

Introductions: Sen. Patrick Colbeck
Legislative Overview: Rep. Nancy Jenkins
Obamacare Overview: Rob Steele, MD
Medicaid Overview: Avik Roy, Senior Fellow,
Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
Need for Sustainable Healthcare: Matt McCord, MD
Direct Primary Care Overview: Josh Umbehr, MD
Direct Primary Care Business in Michigan: Tom Valenti, President BlueSky Health
Patient-Centered Care Overview: Sen. Patrick Colbeck

For questions or to RSVP: (517) 373-7350

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