Medicaid vote expected…urge your Senator to stand firm!

August 26, 2013

Lt. Governor Brian Calley and Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville have predicted a vote in the Michigan State Senate as soon as this Tuesday on whether or not to expand Medicaid like President Obama wants.

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“There are a lot of people that are considering support of this plan within the Senate, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a margin above the minimum required for passage.” -Lt. Gov. Brian Calley

House Bill 4714, the Obama Administration’s approved vehicle for expanding Medicaid, passed the House in June. Now, health insurance industry lobbyists and the Snyder Administration are putting tremendous pressure on our Senators. They want the Michigan Senate to cave to the Obama Administration by passing this bill.

Even one or two Senators could make the difference. If the proposal comes up for a vote, between seven and eight Republican votes are needed for passage (depending on whether Lt. Gov. Calley casts a tie-breaking vote). All of the Senate Democrats are expected to support the proposal.

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There are a lot of variables at play. Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville could choose to honor the so-called “rule of 13″ and refuse to bring HB 4714 up for a vote if the majority of the 26-member GOP Senate caucus opposes the measure. However, Richardville has indicated his willingness to violate this rule and bring it up for a vote even if a majority of Republican Senators are opposed.

There are alternatives to the Obama Administration-approved Medicaid expansion. Sen. Patrick Colbeck has sponsored SB 459 and SB 460. Sen. Bruce Caswell has sponsored SB 422.

If you haven’t yet contact your Senator make sure they hear from you before Tuesday! If you have already contacted your Senator, call or email them again.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to urge your Senator to stand firm.

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