Help Put an End to Common Core in Michigan

June 03, 2013

Lawmakers in Michigan look to be hitting the pause button on implementing federal Common Core standards at least until they learn more about them, and how they might impact schools and students.

The House and Senate adopted Conference Report for the omnibus appropriation’s bill included a section stating that the Department’s appropriations shall not be used to fund implementation of Common Core State Standards or Smarter Balanced Assessments unless an affirmative action of the legislature authorizing implementation of said standards or assessments is provided.

Sec. 231. Funds appropriated in part 1 shall not be used to fund implementation of common core state standards or smarter balanced assessments unless an affirmative action of the legislature authorizing implementation of said standards or assessments is provided. (House Bill 4328)

Common Core has come under a lot of fire from opponents because of its federal connection and the loss of local and state control in developing standards. (Click here to read AFPF’s Need to Know on Common Core)

In an article in The Times Herald, State Senator Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair Township), chairman of the Senate Education Committee, voiced his concern with continuing implementation saying, “We’re hearing from constituents about concerns that people are beginning to have with the Common Core state standards, so I think what will happen is we’ll bring the Department of Education in, and the State Board of Education, and have them explain in great detail how the Common Core is going to work and answer any questions lawmakers have about it because it is a very important issue.”

The Legislature has until Oct. 1, when the new fiscal year begins, to vote on whether to allow Michigan to continue the implementation of Common Core.


“Pressing the pause button is not the same as hitting rewind; it’s simply a way to take a breath before rushing headlong with Common Core.” House GOP spokesman Ari Adler said in a recent Detroit News article.

During the Mackinac Policy Conference this past week, Governor Snyder continued his endorsement of Common Core speaking about it during his closing remarks.

Americans For Prosperity-Michigan opposes the implementation of Common Core standards. Not allowing spending on Common Core does right at temporarily putting its implementation on hold, but in order to fully opt out of Common Core and regain more state and local control, Michigan lawmakers must pass House Bill 4276.  (Click here to read more AFP-MI’s Letter of Support for HB 4276)

Education is too important for society and prosperity to be controlled by those furthest from the students. That fact is not all students are created alike, and a one-sized fits all education platform is not the answer to improving education. Parents should be given more choices and local school districts and teachers should be given more flexibility to provide the higher standards students deserve. Common Core removes parents from important decisions regarding their child’s education undermining the very nature of accountability.

Do we want teachers and schools to be accountable to parents and their children, or to lawmakers in Washington, D.C. who can’t even pass a budget?

Let your state lawmakers know that you want them to support parental choice in student education.


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