MI lawmakers deal-make with Sebelius on Medicaid expansion…

June 07, 2013

GOP deal-makes with Sebelius on Medicaid expansion?

Gov. Rick Snyder has invited Kathleen Sebelius, one of the Obama Administration’s leading lieutenants, to meet with state lawmakers and twist some arms in support of a $1.3 billion Medicaid expansion. In fact, according to news reports, Sebelius is already “working closely with lawmakers to explore options” for forcing another 600,000 people onto the Medicaid system.

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Meanwhile… Lawmakers on the federal level have called for an investigation into questionable fundraising activities by Sebelius. She’s been shaking down health care executives on behalf of a group that pushes enrollment in ObamaCare. (The group just happens to be run by a former White House staffer.)

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