Americans For Prosperity Launches New Effort Opposing Medicaid Expansion

June 12, 2013

Online ads, activist phone calls will urge key lawmakers to vote against costly expansion

Arlington, VA – Americans for Prosperity, the largest free market grassroots organization, has launched a bold effort in Michigan and Pennsylvania to urge key state representatives and senators to vote against irresponsible and unaffordable expansion of Medicaid under President Obama’s health care law. Thousands of activists are expected to make calls to their lawmakers, and online ads will run carrying the message: “Medicaid is Bad Medicine.”

Last summer’s Supreme Court ruling regarding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), ObamaCare, found it was too onerous to force states to participate, and so made expansion of the program optional. The federal government is now attempting to entice the states by picking up nearly all the costs to expand during the first three years. The funding then drops to a 90 percent matching level by 2020, although President Obama in his 2013 budget indicated this matching amount may decrease.

“Medicaid was once considered an essential part of the social safety net – but it has been warped into a fiscal and humanitarian train wreck that threatens to dry up state budgets and hike taxes, all while fundamentally failing to provide an acceptable quality of health care for those who need it most,” said AFP President Tim Phillips

“Putting aside the fact that Medicaid often fails the patients who rely on it and doctors increasingly refuse to participate in the program, states which choose expansion are being lured by the short-term promise of ‘free’ taxpayer money from the federal government. Expansion of a broken system is not reform.”

AFP has been involved with paid efforts to stop Medicaid expansion in Arkansas, Montana, and Louisiana.

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