Americans for Prosperity Calls March 28th Enactment of Right-to-Work “Just Another Day” Leading to Real Battle

March 28, 2013

March 28, 2012

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Americans for Prosperity Calls March 28th Enactment of Right-to-Work
“Just Another Day” Leading to Real Battle

LANSING, Mich.—Americans for Prosperity-Michigan today called March 28th, the date on which right-to-work takes effect, “just another day” leading up to the battle that lies ahead. The group, which has rallied grassroots in support of right-to-work since the chapter was founded in 2006, launched thousands of calls and organized hundreds of visits into House and Senate offices in the weeks leading up to the law’s passage on December 11, 2012.

“Union bosses are going to try to hijack March 28th using scare tactics to push their anti-worker agenda,” said Scott Hagerstrom, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Michigan. “In all candor, March 28th is just another day leading up to the real showdown that will take place in November 2014.”

Hagerstrom noted that there is a common misconception that Michigan’s new right-to-work law can’t be put on the ballot because it contains an appropriation, and bills appropriating money aren’t subject to referendum. However, unions are still expected to put an initiative on the ballot that, if approved, would strike the statutory right-to-work language, effectively undoing right-to-work.

“Many union members are under contract until past November 2014. For those workers, March 28th will be insignificant if we don’t defend the victory achieved on December 11th,” said Hagerstrom. “The union bosses can feel their grip loosening on workers, and they will use any means necessary to protect their monopoly. We must work hard to make March 28th a meaningful date for worker freedom by winning in 2014.”

“Michigan could be Big Labor’s last stand,” Hagerstrom concluded. “If right-to-work can stand in Michigan; it can stand anywhere. If right-to-work falls, that rebuke will be heard by state legislatures across the country.”

Labor unions have hemorrhaged members in Michigan at a steady pace since peaking at 26 percent of employed workers in 1989. The Bureau of Labor statistics reported that Michigan union members accounted for 16.6 percent of wage and salary workers in 2012, compared to 17.5 percent in 2011. Private-sector union membership has reached its lowest point since the 1930s, at 6.6 percent nationwide and just 11.3 percent in a labor stronghold like Michigan.

In November 2014, Michigan voters will almost definitely be faced with a citizen initiative that would strike statutory right-to-work language. They will also choose their State House, their State Senate, their Governor, and determine who will take Senator Carl Levin’s open seat. “Michigan will make the skirmishes over collective bargaining in Ohio and Wisconsin look like warm-up acts for the main feature,” Hagerstrom concluded.

Americans for Prosperity-Michigan is a statewide organization of more than 87,000 activists committed to strengthening our constitutional government, establishing fiscal restraint, and giving taxpayers greater control over government. We are dedicated to recruiting, training, educating and motivating grassroots activists to be effective in their own communities. Americans for Prosperity does not support or oppose candidates for public office.
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