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April 23, 2013


Thank you for continuing to stand for economic freedom and liberty alongside Americans for Prosperity’s 2 million members. Our national fight against job-destroying big government policies may have had setbacks last year, but we still can win. 

It’s a tougher road for us in Maryland but I’m not done fighting and you shouldn’t quit either! The stakes are high and we cannot afford to lose economic freedom in America! We need to make Americans for Prosperity a stronger, more effective organization and it starts with your opinion.

Take this survey and give us your opinion how we can improve!

Already Americans for Prosperity activists have earned huge grassroots victories like passing right-to-work legislation in Michigan. Such policy victories have an enormous impact nationally, but earning any free market reform requires that you volunteer to put your boots on the ground.

Let us know how you can help and what you want to do by taking this survey.

Remember if we stay home and refuse to fight effectively economic freedom will be in jeopardy.

Please take this survey because your opinion as an Americans for Prosperity-Maryland activist matters!

For Economic Freedom,

Nick Loffer – Interim State Director, AFP Maryland

P.S. Feel free to personally e-mail me anytime at Nick@AFPMaryland.com


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