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Taxpayers and Businesses Still Hit Too Hard From Toll Hikes

September 23, 2011 J

There is not much left to say other than these proposals still will negatively impact local communities, local economies, and the State economy.

Here are the positives from our experience with fighting the toll hikes that we need to take with us.

1. Marylanders will unite under common sense principles of fiscal responsibility and not over taxing the people. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all came together to protest these outrageous tax hikes and the poor planning of elected officials and bureaucrats.

2. More people were exposed for the first time to Maryland’s fiscal problems. More people will pay attention to their government in the future.

3. More people took action and they will continue to take action to hold their government accountable and educate their neighbors on the issues.

4. Maryland’s irresponsible big government mentality got a huge black eye and tons of negative press. Though the tax hikes were massive, the people of Maryland who fought won the messaging battle and thus won over the people.

We must work harder to promote free market ideals and common sense policies that will get Maryland moving again.

The 2011 Special Session and the 2012 General Assembly is fast approaching and we know big government politicians will push for more job killing taxes.

Prepare and stand up now by downloading our petition opposing increasing the gasoline tax and mail it back to PO Box 681 Annapolis MD 21404. Send a strong message to Annapolis that we are not going away!

2011 Toll Increases – Public Notice Approved Plan 092111

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