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Will Maryland Compete for The Highest Gas Tax Rate with California?

August 31, 2011 J

Already hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen out of the Transportation Trust Fund to balance the budget because Annapolis spends too much every year. Some politicians still want you to pay again for the same road repairs and transportation projects that haven’t been completed because of their fiscal mismanagement of your tax dollars!

Talk of raising the gasoline tax is still in the air.

The Maryland gasoline tax rate is currently tied with Massachusetts for the 25th highest at 23.5 cents per gallon (CPG). Virgina’s gasoline tax rate is the 12th lowest at 19.5 CPG.

If the Maryland gasoline tax was increased by 10 CPG, as was

proposed during the 2011 General Assembly, Maryland would overtake Pennsylvania (32.3 CPG) as having the 39th highest gas tax rate in the Country at 33.5 CPG.

If the 2nd proposal from the 2011 General Assembly, a 4% sales tax on gasoline, was also passed we would add at least another .12 cents per gallon (if gasoline prices stayed above $3 a gallon).

Maryland adding an additional 22 cents per gallon to the gasoline tax would overtake New York (45 CPG) as having the 49th highest gasoline tax rate in the Country. Only California would have a higher rate as their gasoline tax rate is 46.1 cents per gallon.

Right now Marylanders need an environment that will allow robust job creation. New taxes, especially transportation based taxes that evaporates money out of our State’s economy while raising the costs of goods and services, will not lead to the job growth Maryland needs.

Continuing the course of contrasting ourselves as being less business friendly will only drive more businesses and job creators to States like Virginia who are more business friendly.

Do you think having the 49th highest, or even the 39th highest, gasoline tax rate in the Country will help Maryland compete for and attract new jobs? We don’t!

Gas Tax Comparison

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