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Maryland's Debt Per Resident 13th Most in Country

February 17, 2011 J


‘Austerity’ and ‘Cuts’ are “the words of the day” according to Gov. Martin O’Malley.

A reality check shows these words are not mere political catch phrases. Moody’s credit rating agency says everyone in Maryland owes $3,069 on our pension liabilities alone! Tack on what we owe on borrowed money and every Marylander owes a staggering $4,677 or 13th most in the Country!

Virginians owe half of what we do at $2,257 per Virginian or 31st most in the Country.

Maryland’s debt will keep on growing as a near $2 billion yearly deficit is reinforced by continued borrowing and taxes that suffocate the economy.

Massive increases to the gasoline tax , alcohol tax, introducing combined reporting, reinstating the millionaires tax, and increasing the minimum wage will kill jobs and reduce the revenue going into Annapolis.

Americans for Prosperity Maryland believes in the best opportunities for everyone. Without a balanced budget, like you and I must have in our homes and businesses, and a strong economy, Maryland will not be able to achieve prosperity.

Marylanders cannot afford more debt and financial burdens to be shoveled on nor should future generations be born with massive debt.

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