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Rob Garagiola Tries To Run From The Gas Tax

February 16, 2012 J


After an unsuccessful attempt to nearly double Maryland’s gas tax Senator Rob Gargiola is using disingenuous election time rhetoric by saying he “does not support” Governor O’Malley’s 6% sales tax on gas tax.

However Gargiola says he’d still support a “scaled back” gas tax proposal.

The truth is even a scaled back gas tax increase, such as Gargiola’s proposed 10 cent increase from 2011, still damages the middle class, adds another burden to all businesses that we will pay for, and evaporates too much money from Maryland’s economy.

Sen. Rob Garagiola, now running for Congress, says “We have to be sensitive to the economy. We have to be sensitive to people’s pocketbooks.”

But Sen. Gargiola supported Governor O’Malley’s irresponsible budgeting that stole hundreds of millions of dollars out of the Transportation Trust Fund and voted for the massive 2007 middle class tax hikes got us into this fiscal calamity.

Americans for Prosperity Maryland is calling on Governor O’Malley and the Legislature to abandon any attempt to raise the gas tax.

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