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What a 6% Sales Tax on Gas Look Likes

January 30, 2012 J

Governor O’Malley’s proposed 6% sales tax on gasoline blows past the Blue Ribbon Commissions recommendation of a 15 cent increase to the base gasoline tax rate.

Motorists will be forced to pay the original 23.5 cent gas tax rate and an additional changing rate. 23.5 cents base tax + sales tax rate = total taxes you pay at the pump.

With Maryland’s gas prices currently hanging around $3.50, for regular, Marylanders right now would be paying 44.5 cents per gallon in taxes or the 3rd highest rate in the Country if the sales tax was passed! 23.5 cents base + 21 cents sales tax = 44.5 cents total tax.

Those who use premium or diesel will be paying close to the highest tax rates for gas in the country.

Effects of Increasing the Gas Tax

We all know that gas prices are not going down anytime soon and the pain at the pump will continue!

Americans for Prosperity calls on Governor O’Malley and Annapolis to abandon this unconscionable, unaffordable, and unprecedented tax hike on Maryland’s middle class and business community!

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