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New Poll, Same Results - Citizens Reject Increasing The Gas Tax

January 18, 2012 J

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Opposition against increasing the gas tax has not wavered. Every region in Maryland overwhelmingly rejects a 10 cent increase to the gas tax by a 3 to 1 margin which would kill jobs and increase food and clothing prices.

Maryland is also demanding accountability from their elected officials as 97% of Marylanders oppose indexing the gas tax which would bypass your voice in Annapolis.

In other words Maryland voters want their elected officials to take a vote every time to any increase to the gas tax. Indexing the gas tax means that a single piece of enabling legislation could increase the gas tax automatically without a vote in future years regardless who is in office.

Sustained grassroots pressure from everyday taxpaying Democrats and Republicans have been walking back the from the original proposals: a 15 cent increase to the gas tax and a 6% sales tax on gas.

Citizens are united in opposition against this gas tax that slams the middle class. Will our elected officials heed their will?

Americans for Prosperity once again calls on Governor O’Malley and Annapolis to abandon any increase to the gasoline tax.

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