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AFP Volunteer Dennis Evan Has a Shore Voice

April 04, 2011 J

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Americans for Prosperity Maryland volunteer Dennis Evans of our Worcester Co. chapter has a monthly column in the Daily Time's "Shore Voices" in which he discusses limited government and free market issues.

Dennis hits the nail on the head as he tells the truth about spending. It needs to stop.

AFP Maryland Thanks Congressmen Harris and Bartlett

January 20, 2011 J

AFP Maryland sent out the following press releases thanking Congressmen Andy Harris CD1 and Roscoe Bartlett CD6.

Annapolis – Yesterday The House of Representatives voted to repeal and replace the healthcare reforms passed by the previous Congress last year. Grassroots support against a government takeover of health care over the last year was the catalyst for this vote.

Americans for Prosperity Maryland’s Political Director Nick Loffer issued the following statement:

“Americans for Prosperity has been fighting nationalized health care over the last year by hosting town halls and local meetings to educate citizens on the problems of the legislation.”

“We thank Congressman Harris for staying true to his word and helping to take the first legitimate step by Congress to repeal nationalized health care legislation. The First Congressional District overwhelming disapproved of any nationalized health care legislation and we are pleased that Congressman Harris is listening to the will of his constituents.”

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