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Press Release – O’Malley’s Jobs Bill Will Not Fuel Maryland’s Economy

September 22, 2011 J

OMalleys Tax Credits Possible New Jobs Bill Will Miss the Point

September 22, 2011 J


The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Governor O'Malley is considering a jobs bill during the 2011 Special Session.

However noble the Governor is out of touch with the reality of the business world. Passing tax credits and one time deals are short term fixes at best which do not benefit the business community equally.

Businesses need certainty and a favorable business climate to operate and hire. When current taxes are high and there is is always the constant possibility of new taxes every year new businesses will be scared away.

No amount of tax credits will compensate Maryland for being less business friendly than our neighbors. Competitive tax rates coupled with responsible budgeting that do not run massive deficits will make any State attractive to business creators.

Did Your Buisiness Get a “Break” This Year?

April 21, 2011 J


The Baltimore Sun is reporting that 3 businesses got breaks from the general assembly from the increase of fees.

For example renal car companies are exempted from $4.5 million in new titling fees(taxes).

Our question did your business or family get a break this year from the 2011 Maryland Legislative Session?

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