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Call and Email Gov. O’Malley & Leadership Today, Saturday, and Monday!

April 06, 2012 J


Make sure you call these offices today, Saturday, and Monday

Make sure Annapolis's leadership have heard from you during the hours they can sneak new taxes through like this Saturday when they most likely will go into an afternoon Session.

These calls are crucial to counter any attempt to covertly pass a gas tax of any form in the final hours of the 2012 General Assembly!

Call these offices today, tomorrow, and Monday!

Office of the Governor - (410) 974-3901

Senate President Mike Miller 410-841-3700

Speaker Busch - (410) 841-3800

Email your State Officials This Weekend!

The backroom deals, payoffs, and arm-twisting are sure to be in full force this weekend before the General Assembly adjourns Monday night.

Contact Governor O’Malley This Week! No New Taxes!

April 05, 2012 J


The backroom deals, payoffs, and arm-twisting are sure to be in full force this weekend before the General Assembly Adjourns Monday night.

All concerned citizens who do not want to see a gas tax pass or a sales tax increase pass in the final hours must do these things.

Email Your Elected Officials

Call the following offices!

Office of the Governor - (410) 974-3901

Office of the Senate President Mike Miller - 410-841-3700

Office of Speaker Michael Busch - (410) 841-3800

Urge These Committee Members to Oppose O’Malley’s 6% Sales Tax on Gas

March 10, 2012 J

House Ways and Means

Chair Shelia Hixon (410) 841-3469

Vice-Chair Samuel Rosenburg 410) 841-3297

Kathryn Afzali (410) 841-3288

Kumar Barve (410) 841-3464

Joseph Boteler (410) 841-3365

Talmadge Branch (410) 841-3398

Jon Cardin (410) 841-3833

Mark Fisher (410) 841-3231

William Frick (410) 841-3454

Ron George (410) 841-3439

Glen Glass (410) 841-3280

Carolyn Howard (410) 841-3919

Jolene Ivey (410) 841-3478

Anne Kaiser (410) 841-3036

Eric Luedtke (410) 841-3110

Aruna Miller (410) 841-3090

LeRoy Meyers (410) 841-3321

Justin Ross (410) 841-3652

Andrew Serafini (410) 841-3447

Melvin Stukes (410) 841-3544

Michael Summers (410) 841-3340

Frank Turner (410) 841-3246

Jay Walker (410) 841-3581

Annapolis is Making Their List, Checking it Twice…

July 12, 2011 J


Annapolis is creating their "wish list" of new taxes this year for the special session.

According to the Washington Examiner, The Senate Budget and Taxation Committee requested a list of goods and services exempt from the state sales tax.

Maryland hasn't even seen the conclusion to the job killing massive toll hike that the Maryland Transportation Authority has proposed.

Nor is Maryland in the clear from a 56% property tax increase that the Department of Legislative services noted earlier this year that Maryland may need.

We all need to stay aware of these tax talks and take the time to educate our friends, family, and neighbors.

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