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Possible New Jobs Bill Will Miss the Point

September 22, 2011 J


The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Governor O'Malley is considering a jobs bill during the 2011 Special Session.

However noble the Governor is out of touch with the reality of the business world. Passing tax credits and one time deals are short term fixes at best which do not benefit the business community equally.

Businesses need certainty and a favorable business climate to operate and hire. When current taxes are high and there is is always the constant possibility of new taxes every year new businesses will be scared away.

No amount of tax credits will compensate Maryland for being less business friendly than our neighbors. Competitive tax rates coupled with responsible budgeting that do not run massive deficits will make any State attractive to business creators.

Correction to the State Email on The Gasoline Tax

September 15, 2011 J

We had 2 errors in today's email concerning the gasoline tax in Maryland. We would like to correct these errors.

Just a 10 CPG increase would drop Maryland to having the 39th highest state gasoline tax rate in the country!

It should have read, "having the "11th highest" gasoline tax rate in the country."

Maryland would over take New York for the 49th highest gasoline tax rate in the nation!

It should have read, "having the 2nd highest gasoline tax rate in the nation."

The original data for the gasoline tax rates for each State was originally ranked from the best(lowest rate) to the worst(highest rate)

We apologize for any confusion.

Breaking – Some Proposed Toll Increases Reduced!

September 15, 2011 J

The Maryland Transporation Authority has made changes to the original proposal to increase Maryland's tolls.

Though the proposal still increases toll rates, however, some are significantly lower than the original proposed tax increase. There also concesions that were made to those who use the Hatem Bridge with the AVI sticker.

Posted below are summaries of the new proposals. The final vote will on these proposals will be held Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011 but no public input will be allowed at the meeting.

If it was not for your efforts the original proposal containing much higher taxes would have been rubber stamped! It is a small victory, but a victory none the less. No matter what be proud of your efforts and the way you fought this damaging tax proposal.

Gov. O’Malley Drains Transportation Trust Fund, Taxpayers’ Wallets Next?

September 13, 2011 J


$700 million dollars have been stolen out of the Transportation Trust Fund by Governor O'Malley to "fix" his yearly billion dollar plus budget gaps as reported by the Washington Post.

The money is due for transportation projects and the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee is considering, coincidentally right before the 2011 Special Session, taxes to replace the stolen funds.

One of the proposals being floated is placing a massive 6% sales tax on purchases of gasoline.

A 6% sales tax on gas equals at least 21 cents extra per gallon of gas on your purchase (based on $3.56 average cost of gas in MD on 9/13/2011, .06 x $3.56 = .21 cents).

Will Maryland Compete for The Highest Gas Tax Rate with California?

August 31, 2011 J

Already hundreds of millions of dollars have been stolen out of the Transportation Trust Fund to balance the budget because Annapolis spends too much every year. Some politicians still want you to pay again for the same road repairs and transportation projects that haven't been completed because of their fiscal mismanagement of your tax dollars!

Talk of raising the gasoline tax is still in the air.

The Maryland gasoline tax rate is currently tied with Massachusetts for the 25th highest at 23.5 cents per gallon (CPG). Virgina's gasoline tax rate is the 12th lowest at 19.5 CPG.

If the Maryland gasoline tax was increased by 10 CPG, as was

proposed during the 2011 General Assembly, Maryland would overtake Pennsylvania (32.3 CPG) as having the 39th highest gas tax rate in the Country at 33.5 CPG.

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