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O’Malley, Annapolis To Continue Being Disingenuous

October 17, 2011 J


Governor O'Malley is considering a 15 cent increase to the Maryland gasoline tax and coincidentally on the same day the Baltimore Sun's Editorial Board endorses raising the gas tax.

It is simply disingenuous to argue that revenues have not kept up with the needs of Maryland's infrastructure concerning transportation needs.

With nearly a billion dollars being stolen out of the Transportation Trust Fund over the years it is no wonder that there is another call for increased taxes.

Governor O'Malley and the Legislature must argue that Marylanders should pay twice for transportation projects today that taxpayers paid for yesterday.

Poll: Overwhelming Opposition To Increasing the Gas Tax

October 12, 2011 J

A Gonzales poll showed that 77% of Marylanders oppose raising the gasoline tax by 10 cents.

A day later the Washington Examiner reported that the Blue Ribbon Commission on Transportation funding suggested raising the gasoline tax by 5 cents over the next three years.

Elected officials are calling for the massive tax increase because they have stolen almost a billion dollars out of the Transportation Trust Fund to temporarily prop up the General Fund.

Ask your elected officials "why should I pay twice for transportation projects today after Governor O'Malley and the General Assembly stole the money out of the Transportation Trust fund which was supposed to fix our roads yesterday?"

Smokers to Subsidize the General Fund?

October 10, 2011 J

Just this year the General Assembly passed a 50% increase to the alcohol tax after lobbying from Vinny DeMarco of The Maryland Citizens Health Initiative.

The money from the increase to the alcohol tax is being used for school construction and subsequently for propping up the General Fund which runs billion dollar plus deficits every year.

Originally the tax revenue was supposed to be for health care initiatives in Maryland

The same group is pushing for another increase to the cigarette tax to the tune of 50%.

Taxpayers and Businesses Still Hit Too Hard From Toll Hikes

September 23, 2011 J

There is not much left to say other than these proposals still will negatively impact local communities, local economies, and the State economy.

Here are the positives from our experience with fighting the toll hikes that we need to take with us.

1. Marylanders will unite under common sense principles of fiscal responsibility and not over taxing the people. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all came together to protest these outrageous tax hikes and the poor planning of elected officials and bureaucrats.

2. More people were exposed for the first time to Maryland's fiscal problems. More people will pay attention to their government in the future.

3. More people took action and they will continue to take action to hold their government accountable and educate their neighbors on the issues.

Press Release – O’Malley’s Jobs Bill Will Not Fuel Maryland’s Economy

September 22, 2011 J

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