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Mike Miller Concedes 15 Cent Tax Increase on Gas, Democrat Eric Bromwell Opposes Any Increase

January 10, 2012 J


The 2012 General Assembly hasn't even convened and Senate President Mike Miller has already conceded that a 15 cent increase to the gasoline tax is "too much."

Because your efforts we have earned a victory, but we still have a ways to go!

Delegate Eric Bromwell,a Democrat District 8 Baltimore County, already is publicly opposing any increase to the gas tax.

If keep up our efforts we will see more legislators, like Democrat Eric Bromwell, publicly oppose any increase to the gasoline tax!

Share this post on Facebook so everyone can see that there is bi-partisan support against increasing the gasoline tax.

Thank Delegate Bromwell for making the right decision on the gas tax proposal for all Marylanders.

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January 10, 2012 J


Marylanders from all walks of life, both Democrat and Republican, oppose any increase to the gas tax but we need more people to become active.

All of us can have a tremendous and immediate impact by reaching out to friends and family by using the internet.

Utilizing Facebook and Twitter through sharing news, events, and new media will persuade more Marylanders to our cause of fiscal responsibility.

The more people who are talking about opposing an increase to the Maryland gas tax online the better chance we will have to stopping any increase to the gas tax in Annapolis.

Americans for Prosperity will be posting up-to-date articles at www.afpmaryland.com and our Facebook Page

Tomorrow we will post a letter from a Democratic Delegate which may surprise you. It will be your job to share this letter and talk about it online!

Thank you for all your support and hard work!

For Liberty,

New Gas Tax Proposal Will Increase Poll Numbers Against The GasTax

December 02, 2011 J

Back in October we reported that a Gonzales poll showed that 77% of Marylanders opposed a 10 cents increase to the gasoline tax.

With the new proposal of a 15 cent increase it safe to assume that the percentage of Marylanders opposing such an egregious hike would increase.

The media is now investigating the disingenuous and the plain wrong practices of raiding dedicated funds.

More people are now asking, "Why should I pay twice?"

Keep talking about the gas tax and spreading the word. It is paying off!

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