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What a 6% Sales Tax on Gas Look Likes

January 30, 2012 J

Governor O'Malley's proposed 6% sales tax on gasoline blows past the Blue Ribbon Commissions recommendation of a 15 cent increase to the base gasoline tax rate.

Motorists will be forced to pay the original 23.5 cent gas tax rate and an additional changing rate. 23.5 cents base tax + sales tax rate = total taxes you pay at the pump.

With Maryland's gas prices currently hanging around $3.50, for regular, Marylanders right now would be paying 44.5 cents per gallon in taxes or the 3rd highest rate in the Country if the sales tax was passed! 23.5 cents base + 21 cents sales tax = 44.5 cents total tax.

Those who use premium or diesel will be paying close to the highest tax rates for gas in the country.

More Democratic Opposition to Any Increase to the Gas Tax

January 26, 2012 J

Pressure is mounting on proponents of increasing the gas tax on both sides of the isle. Because of your efforts Marylanders are seeing Delegates pledging to hold the line opposing another middle class tax hike!

Please take the time to thank Delegate Olzsewski and encourage him to reach out to other Delegates to take the same principled stand that protects Maryland's middle class and small businesses!

john.olszewski@house.state.md.us (410) 841-3458

House Dems Short on Votes for a Gas Tax Increase?

January 24, 2012 J


Governor O'Malley has not released his transportation funding proposal yet House of Delegates Majority Leader Kumar Barve says he does not have the votes right for a tax hike.

You can bet that a lot of arm twisting and horsetrading is going on to pass a crushing gas tax hike to the middle class.

Citizens need to counteract backroom deals and political pressure by contacting their Delegate and State Senator encouraging them to oppose increasing the gas tax.

Every day Americans for Prosperity members need be leaders by encouraging their neighbors, family members, co-workers, and even the people next to in the checkout line to contact their elected officials.

Taking these 2 steps will help keep "no" votes stay "no" votes on increasing the gas tax.

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