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Rob Garagiola Tries To Run From The Gas Tax

February 16, 2012 J


After an unsuccessful attempt to nearly double Maryland's gas tax Senator Rob Gargiola is using disingenuous election time rhetoric by saying he "does not support" Governor O'Malley's 6% sales tax on gas tax.

However Gargiola says he'd still support a "scaled back" gas tax proposal.

The truth is even a scaled back gas tax increase, such as Gargiola's proposed 10 cent increase from 2011, still damages the middle class, adds another burden to all businesses that we will pay for, and evaporates too much money from Maryland's economy.

Sen. Rob Garagiola, now running for Congress, says "We have to be sensitive to the economy. We have to be sensitive to people's pocketbooks."

Democrats’ Public Opposition to Increasing the Gas Tax -3 Articles You Must Read and Share

February 08, 2012 J

Americans for Prosperity activists in Maryland can make a long lasting impact by building new relationships and consensus through the overwhelming bi-partisan opposition to increasing the gas tax.

Every person you talk to about the gas tax needs persuaded to contact Governor O'Malley and their State elected officials by phone, e-mail, and written letter telling them to abandon increasing the gas tax.

These three powerful articles are persuasive tools you need to use to activate Marylanders who have never taken action on issues like this!

Mike Miller Says 15 Cents is Too Much, Delegate Bromwell's Letter Comptroller Peter Franchot Calls Increasing the Gas Tax Dumb

Democrat Peter Franchot – Increasing the Gas Tax is Dumb

February 08, 2012 J


Comptroller Peter Franchot called the gas tax a "dumb" idea in the Baltimore Sun.

Americans for Prosperity Maryland couldn't agree more!

When talking to fellow Marylanders please mention that even top Democratic public elected officials oppose the gas tax.

No Thank You Governor O’Malley, We’ve Already Paid Enough!

February 06, 2012 J

Last week we shared a chart showing that "transit" spending has increased dramatically while "highway" spending is at the lowest level since 1992.

This chart shows how the Transportation Trust Fund works. Every revenue stream collects into one big pot and then is appropriated.


But are transit revenues keeping up with transit spending?

Highway users generate the lions share of revenues while consuming only 24% of total operating budget.

Transit absorbs 57% of operating budget yet only generates less than 5% of revenue!


The big pot approach to the Transportation Trust fund allows politicians to use motorists and the trucking industry to subsidize Maryland transit that loses money yearly.

How Much of Transportation Spending Goes to Roads?

February 02, 2012 J

The following charts clearly shows that under the O'Malley administration transit spending is a priority over highway spending.

Highway spending is at the lowest percentage since 1992 while transit is the highest.

Is the gas tax really about not having enough money to fix the roads or is because Annapolis politicians are crying wolf to take any attention away from their fiscal mismanagement?


Remember hundreds of millions of dollars were stolen out of the Transportation Trust Fund and the money for projects should have been available throughout the years!

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Source - Presentation to Senate B&T Committee by the Department of Legislative Services Office of Policy Analysis on September 14, 2011

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