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A Suggestion Given to the MDTA to Pay Off Bond Debt

June 24, 2011 J

At the Anne Arundel MDTA toll hearing I gave the following suggestion to help pay for the outstanding bond debt.

Competitively bid out the rights for companies to sponsor the receipt ticket from tolls booths with their coupons printed on the receipt.

Dedicate every penny from the revenue to paying down our bond debt and for any costs associated with implementing the program.

1. We would have a revenue stream that would not cost taxpayers a penny from advertisers. (The Maryland Lottery has themed scratch off tickets with companies)

2. Travelers would have an incentive to stop and spend money on stores. (Virginia hands out coupons for a free drink at the island gift shop and restaurant on the Bay Bridge Tunnel)

We could take this proposal one step further. If possible, dedicate the revenue generated from the sales tax from purchases when these coupons are used. The revenue would be dedicated towards bond debt.

The Common Theme From the Toll Hearings and A Common Sense Solution

June 23, 2011 J

I've been able to attend the previous 5 public hearings on the proposed toll increases hosted by the MDTA. Queen Anne's, Perryville, Anne Arundel, Dundalk, and Charles County.

The common theme has centered around the negative impact that the proposed 200% to 300% toll hikes would have on businesses and families.

Businesses with added overhead would either pass on the costs to consumers or be forced to downsize their business. Another barrier to job growth would be created by these toll hikes.

Transportation Based Bussiness Get Slammed by Massive Toll Hikes

June 21, 2011 J


Vehicles with 3 axles or more are going to take a huge hit from the toll hikes.

Businesses who rely on trucks to deliver building materials, manufactured goods, food, oil, gasoline, and anything else will incur a huge new increase to their overhead.

Two axle vehicles, like personal transit, small deliveries, and those who have to get through tunnels multiple times a day to go to work sites, get no breaks at all at the $8 rate.

The result the costs of goods and services will go up for consumers.

Montgomery Co. Shamefully Shuts Down Kids’ Lemonade Stand

June 17, 2011 J


How much does it cost a child to run a lemonade stand in Montgomery County? Is it free? It was for us when we were young?

Kids now have to fork over $176 for a one day vendor license or $415.80 for a 1 year vendor license to run their lemonade stand or be subject to massive fines.

Harford and Cecil Counties Reject Toll Hikes

June 17, 2011 J


Thank you to the 800 plus Cecil and Harford County residents who protested the toll hikes on June 17th in Perryville!

Everyone needs to stay active and keep contacting Governor O'Malley!

Can you afford to lose your AVI sticker?

Can you afford to pay $500 or more a year just go to work, to visit family, or to go get medical treatment?

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