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Health Care Rally Huge Success

Health Care Rally Huge Success

October 02, 2012


Today was an energizing day for our Americans for Prosperity members from Pennsylvania and Maryland. Concerned citizens from across Pennsylvania and Maryland gathered in the Pennsylvania’s Capitol to send a clear message to the government: “Keep your hands off MY health care!”

Over 400 activists came to hear conservative blogger Michelle Malkin stress the importance of repealing President Obama’s health care takeover. Activists who continue to show support at the Hands Off My Health Care events play a crucial role in executing the repeal.  During the rally, attendees learned the significance of defending our personal liberties and economic freedom.  By the end of the rally, a clear message was sent to PA Governor Corbett and Congress. See below or click here for pictures of the event!

Following the rally, activists were able to participate in a Freedom Phone or Prosperity Knocks session educating folks about President Obama’s health care takeover.  As always, this event was counted as a great success, and everyone was eager to spread the word of Obama’s failing policies.

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