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April 15, 2013

Today Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the nation’s largest grassroots advocate for economic freedom, filed a detailed proposal with the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees to assist Chairmen Baucus and Camp in their goal of comprehensive tax reform. AFP’s proposal coincides with Tax Day, the deadline the IRS traditionally imposes on individuals to [...]

Americans for Prosperity Maine Expresses Opposition to Medicaid Expansion Bill

April 09, 2013

Augusta – Americans for Prosperity Maine is announcing their opposition today to a bill that would expand Medicaid in the state.  The expansion would come as part of a “deal” wherein the federal government would pay for some of the coverage under the Affordable Care Act. “The federal government has a bad track record when [...]

Americans for Prosperity Delivers Signed Letters to Senators Snowe and Collins

December 14, 2012

Urges the Senators to Oppose Tax Hikes, Support Spending Cuts During Lame Duck Augusta, ME – Americans for Prosperity – Maine, the state’s leading advocate for reducing the tax burden on hardworking Mainers, partnered with Maine Heritage Policy Center to deliver letters to Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. The letters are signed by citizens, legislators, [...]

AFP Responds to Obama Attacks

May 03, 2012 J

ARLINGTON, VA – Immediately following AFP’s launch of a new TV ad exposing how President Obama used billions of taxpayer dollars to fund “green energy” projects and companies overseas, President Obama is once again directly attacking AFP.

“Once again, President Obama is lashing out with distorted, personal attacks instead of taking responsibility for his failed big government green energy boondoggles that have wasted billions of taxpayer dollars in pursuit of his global warming ideology," said Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity. “The simple truth is, American tax dollars should be benefiting American taxpayers, not foreign workers or politically connected companies and special interests.

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