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What will cost you more tomorrow?

October 01, 2013 J,

Beginning tomorrow, be prepared to pay more for many of the goods and services you consume. Prices aren’t going up on most items but the taxes you pay will.

On October 1st, the new budget for the state kicks in. Part of that budget, as approved by the legislature, is a 10% increase in the state sales tax and a 14% increase in the meals and lodging tax.

Our state has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. The fact is the state took in more revenue for fiscal year 2013 than for fiscal year 2012. Unfortunately, too many members of the legislature in Augusta decided to increase taxes rather than looking for ways to cut spending and have state government live within its means like Maine families do every day. Many will tell you that these tax increases are “temporary.” But we all know that once the state begins to rely on a revenue source, it is incredibly difficult to remove that funding stream.

Beginning tomorrow, we will all pay more as a result of their poor decisions.

Additionally, many of us can also look forward to higher insurance premiums courtesy of ObamaCare. Despite already expanding Medicaid and failing to get our insurance formula right for too long, Maine’s premiums are still expected to go up by more than 4%.  So much for making healthcare more affordable!

If you haven’t already done so, please CLICK HERE to participate in our 3-question survey on ObamaCare and CLICK HERE to sign our Exempt Me Too petition asking the President to exempt our hard-working families from his failed healthcare law!

The state tax increases coupled with higher health insurance premiums represent a double whammy on Maine’s working families, too many of whom are struggling to get by and do not need to pay more in taxes simply to grow government.

Please CLICK HERE to participate in our 3-question survey on ObamaCare and CLICK HERE to sign our Exempt Me Too petition today and feel free to share with others interested in our efforts to fight for economic freedom in Maine!

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