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Senate Refuses to Stand Up to EPA on Utility MACT

June 20, 2012 J

The vote on S.J.Res. 37, Senator Inhofe’s resolution to overturn the EPA’s costly Utility MACT, just failed in the Senate on a 46-53 vote.  Five brave Democrats should be recognized for voting in favor of this important resolution:

D’s voting “YES” to overturn EPA’s rule:

Landrieu (LA)

Manchin (WV)

Nelson (NE)

Warner (VA)

Webb (VA)

 Ultimately, five Republicans were responsible for senselessly tanking this important effort:

R’s voting “NO” on overturning the EPA’s rule:

Ayotte (NH)

Alexander (TN)

Brown (MA)

Collins (ME)

Snowe (ME)

Republican Senator Mark Kirk (IL) has not been voting recently due to health issues, and did not cast a vote on this resolution.

AFP issued its key vote alert in favor of Senator Inhofe’s resolution on Monday.  Even though the resolution failed, it remains important: Senators are now on the record (and on AFP’s scorecard) for whether or not they wanted to stand up to the EPA and their costly utility regulation.

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