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June 29, 2011 J

My Experience at Right Online

My first day at RightOnline was Friday and it was a very busy day. We walked over to the Hilton, an amazing building that was the perfect venue for the event. I was a little bit nervous as I entered but we were greeted by RightOnline staff that pointed us quickly in the right direction. I had previously taken a look at the Breakout Session schedule and knew that I wanted to do as much online social media training as possible, and made the appropriate selection.

As a younger member of the event, I was honestly surprised at how much I learned from the speakers. They had thorough knowledge of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and had some very creative ways in order to use the social media to help a campaign or drive a grassroots campaign. At every breakout session, we compared notes and then continued on our track.

My most memorable experience was the rally in the main ballroom area. The speakers were introduced with theme music and really entertained and engaged the crowd. I’m not sure how washing machines are going to help women in Africa, but Ann McElhinney made some interesting comments about it and how the government shouldn’t be allowed to tell us what light bulbs we use.

Erik Telford was my favorite speaker, he had great presence and you could tell he really put in a lot of work into the conference. I also had a great time at the networking reception prior to the dinner and met some really important bloggers on a national level.

In all, the event was a great success and I hope to be able to attend the next one, wherever it may be, so that I can continue to advance the conservative cause!

Chase Martin

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