Wouldn’t you like an exemption?!

August 28, 2013

It seems nearly every week there is a news story about a delay or exemption being issued to a well-connected political group surrounding the implementation of ObamaCare. The bottom line is: no one seems to think ObamaCare should be implemented, at least not if they have to comply.

While delays have been issued on provisions like the employee mandate, there is another list of groups who want to be exempted from this failed and onerous health-care take-over.

Among them are:

      • Congress and their staff

• Labor Unions

• Employers

• Restaurants in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s district

Does all of this leave you wondering where your exemption is?!

After all, don’t you deserve an exemption too?!

If you agree, please CLICK HERE to take action today and join us in urging Congress and the President to exempt us from ObamaCare!

Despite all the promises to the contrary, ObamaCare will make health insurance more expensive and less accessible.

If you think you deserve an exemption from ObamaCare, please CLICK HERE today!

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