We will repeal

August 04, 2013

Trust me when I tell you this: we are going to repeal ObamaCare. It may take a while, or not. But either way, we’re going to take this terrible law off the books.

Just yesterday we released another multi-state TV ad introducing a family doctor who is worried about her patients and the state of health care throughout our country because of the impact of ObamaCare.  It’s part of a massive ad blitz that will continue straight through the Fall as we tell younger Americans that ObamaCare will cost them more money, limit their health care options and throw them into a big, one-size-fits-all Medicaid-like morass IF they sign up for it.

Earlier today, we kicked off the first of over 60 AFP grassroots healthcare events we’re holding around the country this August, starting with a picnic and rally against ObamaCare on the State House lawn in New Hampshire.

Today we have a full-page ad in the Washington Post showcasing that even union bosses are now complaining bitterly about the devastating impact of ObamaCare on their members and businesses.

We’re using social media and, in coming weeks, face-to-face conversations at sporting and community events to ask millions of our fellow Americans — especially those under the age of 35 — to check their risk factors for ObamaCare. You can see how ObamaCare will impact you directly by visiting ObamaCareRiskFactors.com.

Some politicians and pundits are trying to make it seem that efforts to repeal ObamaCare are fruitless and that the law is here to stay.  You and I know better.

We were there in the spring of 2009 when President Obama (riding high in the polls) and then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi and 60 Democrats in the Senate all confidently predicted that the nation was ready for Washington, D.C.-run, national health care.  From that moment, we knew this would be a long-term fight. AFP’s Hands Off My Health Care Tour crisscrossed the nation in 2009 hosting over 300 events and rallies. Later that year, over 5,000 activists gathered for AFP’s Code Red Rally in Washington.  We didn’t let up for a second. When ObamaCare went to the courts, AFP was there with another major rally to protest the unconstitutional individual mandate, and we followed up with a TV campaign criticizing President Obama for the massive tax increases in the law.

In an effort to warn the public about the dangers of government-run health care, we introduced the world to Shona Holmes, a Canadian whose life was put in jeopardy by the “free” yet inaccessible healthcare system in her own country, forcing her to seek life-saving treatment in the United States.

Since then, the left changed tactics and started focusing on coercing states to implement ObamaCare through state exchanges and tempting governors with “free money” for the massive Medicaid expansion, a cornerstone of ObamaCare.  We’ve been focusing all summer long on states throughout the nation, and with your help we’ve led the fight to rein in government waste and urge reforms, instead of expanding this broken system. Activists like you have been instrumental in stopping exchanges and Medicaid expansion in 22 states.

Through the hundreds of rallies and events, along with long, hot days of phone calls and door knocking, we have persevered.


Today, the majority of Americans agree with us that ObamaCare is a bad law that needs to be repealed. The fight is far from over, but we’re pushing ahead every day.

Thank you for all you do in the fght for healthcare freedom. We wouldn’t be winning with the American people on this issue without you.

Let’s just make sure we keep the faith by continuing to spread the word that we will win this long battle to repeal ObamaCare!

Much lies ahead,


Tim Phillips

President of Americans for Prosperity

P.S.  Please take a moment to share ObamaCareRiskFactors.com with your friends and familiy, so they can see how the law will effect them.


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